Organico Realfoods brighten their future with solar panel project

Organico Realfoods Ltd improves their business by installing solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and save money!

Operating from Reading, Wokingham Borough, Berkshire, Organico Realfoods Ltd is the home of food brands Organico, Fish4Ever, and Redferns. They are recognised for their organic and sustainability credentials. At the core of Organico’s ethos is well-made, delicious food that doesn’t compromise people or the planet. 

Last year Organico went the extra mile and took the decision to boost their environmental credentials further. Charles Redfern, company founder and director, signed off on a project to have a solar PV array comprised of 18 panels mounted to the roof of Organico’s headquarters, accompanied by battery storage. 

The panels will reduce the business’s carbon footprint by the equivalent of 2 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually (approximately the weight of a giraffe!), as well as saving Organico over £1,000 on their energy bills each year. What’s more, unused electricity generated by the panels during the daytime can be stored via the battery and utilised during the evening and throughout the night.  

The cost of the solar project was part-funded by Low Carbon Workspaces, who awarded Organico a £5,000 grant towards the PV system. The system has reduced Organico’s reliance on the National Grid and, in turn, has cut their energy usage, engaged staff, and increased productivity.

Organico tread the earth carefully. Their products are planet-positive, supportive of biodiversity/ eco-systems and are non-polluting or damaging. From farm to fork and from boat to plate, Organico pride themselves on their dedication to food sourcing practices that are socially and sustainably responsible.  

The installation of a renewable energy system at Organico, combined with their remarkable business practices, encouraging the purchase of organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced produce, is a shining example of what an organisation can achieve with an environmentally driven motive. Organico’s responsible decision-making has most certainly given the business a new competitive edge. 

For more information on Organico Realfoods’ produce, please visit their website here.

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