Relocation provides the perfect opportunity for data centre to go green

Atlantic Data, an IT services firm and data centre, commissioned a new solar PV system with the help of a £5,000 grant from Low Carbon Workspaces.

Atlantic Data, an IT services firm and data centre, commissioned a new solar PV system with the help of a £5,000 grant from Low Carbon Workspaces.

When Atlantic Data moved into new premises, the team already knew that they wanted to start to generate their own renewable energy onsite and reduce their carbon footprint.

As a software and data company providing outsourced IT services to many well-known organisations in the UK, they rely heavily on their own infrastructure and run their own separate data centre in Milton Keynes.

One of the main drivers for the decision to look at renewable energy was the data centre. It consumes a high amount of energy - energy consumption is consistent over a 24-hour period and the equipment requires its own ventilation and cooling system to keep the centre running efficiently.

We knew that our data centre would be driving our energy demand and wanted to look into options to support that requirement using sustainable energy,” said Vishwas Pais, Head of Systems at Atlantic Data.

The team went out to tender for a solar PV system with a goal of creating a more sustainable approach whilst ultimately reducing energy bills. One of the tendering companies, Spirit Energy, first alerted the Atlantic Data to the possibility of applying for a Low Carbon Workspaces grant.

After helping with the initial project requirements, the Low Carbon Workspaces team talked Atlantic Data through all the documents and evidence that would be needed for a successful grant application. The business went on to receive the maximum grant of £5,000 towards the new solar PV system.

We were really impressed with their professionalism and straight forward grant application process,” said Vishwas of the Low Carbon Workspaces team.

The new system was commissioned in December 2020, when a solar PV array consisting of 156 panels was installed on the south-facing side of the roof, maximising the number of sunlight hours the array could benefit from.

Even though the system was installed in the depths of winter, Vishwas said they noticed the difference straight away. During the following April and May, most of the energy used by Atlantic Data was generated by the solar PV system, and any additional energy that they generate in the summer months will be utilised by the national grid on other renewable energy tariffs, thereby helping more businesses reduce their carbon footprint.

“By installing the system as part of their office relocation, Atlantic Data were able to mitigate some of the business disruption associated with a large-scale installation,” said Jamie Gowers, Low Carbon Workspaces Project Officer. “It’s rewarding to see more and more businesses taking up the financial support on offer to help them to invest in decarbonisation.”

The Atlantic Data team have already seen a significant impact on their CO₂ emissions, reducing their carbon footprint by around 10.4 tonnes per year. By generating their own electricity, they are expected to save around £6,250 annually on their energy bills.

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