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Reducing your carbon footprint and energy usage is becoming more and more important for small businesses who care about the impact they have on the environment.  By applying for a Low Carbon Workspaces grant, your business could also reduce the payback time for any potential investment.

Grants are available to SMEs based in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. Eligible projects must result in a quantifiable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions - don’t worry, we can calculate this for you!

The grant scheme aims to be as flexible as possible. If your business is looking to fund an energy-saving measure that is not mentioned here, please contact us to discuss your potential project. A package of measures, perhaps due to an office refurbishment, can be supported within a single grant application. See typical eligible projects supported by Low Carbon Workspace grants below.

  • Lighting Systems

    Lighting accounts for around 40% of commercial building’s electricity usage, and 20% of...

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  • Renewable Energy Systems

    Did you know that Solar PV has seen the sharpest cost decline of...

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  • Equipment Upgrades

    Low Carbon Workspaces grants assist with the capital investment...

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  • Heating & Cooling Upgrades

    The right heating system can significantly improve comfort-levels and staff wellbeing. A recent...

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  • Energy Management

    Grant funding can help towards systems incorporating control and diagnostic tools which can be...

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  • Building Fabric Improvements

    Commercial buildings must be increasingly more energy efficient...

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