Energy Management

Grant funding can help towards systems incorporating control and diagnostic tools which can be shown to limit and measure energy wastage.

A Building Energy Management System, sometimes called a Building Management System or a Building Automation Control System, controls heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water (HVAC) and lighting in buildings. It helps maintain optimal levels of efficiency by continuously balancing operating requirements, external and internal environmental conditions, and energy usage.

Voltage Optimisation Technology 

If there are significant motor loads on your site, you might consider voltage optimisation (VO). VO equipment reduces the voltage level from that of the incoming supply. Optimisers are transformer-like units used to reduce the overall voltage supplied down from 240 volts to a standard of 220 volts. Optimising the on-site voltage may reduce motor-related losses if motors on-site are operating at partial load all or much of the time.

An accredited supplier should provide a more detailed technical evaluation into the savings potential on your site.

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