Equipment Upgrades

Low Carbon Workspaces grants assist with the capital investment of upgrading entire pieces of equipment, or upgrading inefficient system components such as compressors, condensers, motors, fans, pumps and more. 


Chilled display cabinets consume an estimated 60% of a retail business’ electricity consumption. To combat this, investing in higher efficiency refrigeration equipment offers significant cost savings. Smaller components can be added to an existing system and still reduce energy loss by up to 18%. 

A grant may also be used to upgrade cold/freezer-room stores to a more efficient unit. Due to their purpose, cold-rooms often require frequent access and an open freezer-room door can cost a business £6 per hour. A Low Carbon grant can help fund automatic or rapid-closing doors. For larger, forklift-access cold-rooms, the installation of an antechamber or airlock might be suitable.

Be Aware! Recent regulations have prohibited the use of some refrigerant gases. Some refrigeration units may need replacing to comply. Consult with a specialist supplier to identify whether your unit complies with the new regulations.


Use a Low Carbon Workspaces grant to replace an ageing compressor with a new, more efficient model. Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) may be added to an existing system and can reduce the energy usage of equipment by up to 20%. 

We are here to help! If your business operates any equipment not mentioned above, please contact one of our Project Officers who will be able to identify whether an upgrade is eligible.

Finding a Supplier

We recommend you discuss specific building requirements and technical details with a supplier who will be able to suggest the best options for you and your premises. For a list of suppliers and consultants, please visit our Supplier Directory.

Refrigerant Regulations – 2020 refrigerant regulations prohibit the use of some refrigerant gases (F-gases). Consult a supplier to identify whether your current equipment requires upgrading. A Low Carbon Grant can help.

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