Heating & Cooling Upgrades

The right heating system can significantly improve comfort-levels and staff wellbeing. A recent study showed that 82% of staff felt that their productivity declined when their workspace was cold.


Replacing a boiler which is more than 15 years old could save 20-30% on your entire heating costs.

Old or poorly performing boilers may be directly replaced under the grant scheme. Grants can also help with boiler controls and zoning central heating to increase efficiency and comfort levels.

Infrared Heating (Radiant)

Up to 80% savings can be achieved if infrared heating replaces gas or oil-fired blow heaters.

Radiant heaters are useful for efficiently spot-heating in larger, or hard-to-heat buildings. Infrared heaters can be wall-mounted or suspended above work areas. Thermostatic sensors and proximity sensors can be combined on circuits to ensure heaters only switch on when occupants are in range, or the ambient temperature drops below a given minimum.

Zoning and thermostatic controls

Improved control systems may be included within a grant application. Cost-effective controls can be retrofitted to existing systems. Implement heating zones by installing timed and thermostatic controls, with the option of installing separate pumps and valves to control the flow of heat around larger buildings or multiple floors.

Heating requirements are up to 30% lower in premises with well-controlled systems.

Air conditioning

Upgrading older air conditioning units to modern models improve efficiency and reduce bills. Please note, grants for air conditioning may be restricted to replacing existing units where evidence of sufficiently high usage can be provided.

Finding a Supplier

We recommend you discuss specific building requirements and technical details with a supplier who will be able to suggest the best options for you and your premises. For a list of suppliers and consultants, please visit our Supplier Directory.

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