How To Apply

Replacing inefficient lighting, boilers, windows, printers, or insulating your building, can have an immediate impact on your energy spend. Electric and plug-in hybrid electric fleet vehicles, water efficiency measures, waste reduction methods, renewable heat and electricity generating technology, and battery storage systems can help your business save money too.

Match funded grants of up to £5,000 are available to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to help reduce their energy, waste water and fuel costs in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Match funded grants of up to £2,500 are available to SMEs in Buckinghamshire.

Please note that eligibility criteria apply and you must get approval for your grant application BEFORE you have the work done and pay your contractor. Any deposits, partial or full payments made before approval will not be eligible towards your grant.

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    STEP 1: Check Eligibility

    Check your eligibility by completing a simple online form telling us about your organisation or by giving us a call on 01494 927131.

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    STEP 2: Identify Measures

    If you've completed the online form and it looks like you're eligible for a grant you will be automatically emailed an Application Form and the Grant Guidance and Terms and Conditions. A member of the Low Carbon Workspaces team will be in touch with you to offer you further assistance shortly after.

    If the website states that you may not be eligible for a grant, a member of the Low Carbon Workspaces team will be in touch with you to offer you further assistance. 

    The Low Carbon Workspaces website may also generate an indicative report based on the information you have supplied showing how your organisation can save money by installing energy efficiency solutions (there is an option to download this report in pdf format for you to keep).

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    STEP 3: Application Form

    Decide on the energy efficiency measures you want to implement and find contractors to quote for the work. Send us:

    • Your completed Application Form
    • Evidence of your organisation’s energy use (meter readings or bills)
    • Evidence of the procurement process undertaken (quotations from contractors etc.)
    • Signed Terms & Conditions
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    STEP 4: Grant Approval

    As soon as our Grant Panel approve your application, we will send you a grant offer letter and grant claim form. You can then go ahead and engage a contractor to get started.

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    STEP 5: Project Completion

    Complete and pay for your project and then send us a completed grant claim form, together with your receipted invoices and a copy of a bank statement showing proof of purchase, so that we can issue payment to you (N.B. Where a purchase is made using a credit card, applicants must provide bank statements to show that the credit has been fully cleared).

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    STEP 6: Count Savings!

    We will provide details of monitoring requirements and contact you 6 months after the completion of your project to determine the savings you have made.