How to Apply

Applying for a grant is a straight forward process and the Low Carbon Workspaces team are on hand if you have any questions or would like help to complete your Application Form. Please get in touch or check out the FAQs.

Please note that eligibility criteria apply and that your grant application must be approved BEFORE any work is undertaken or paid for (including deposits).

  • 1

    Download an Application Form and check your eligibility

    Download an Application Form and the Grant Terms & Conditions to check your eligibility, or give us a call on 01494 927131.

  • 2

    Plan your project and obtain quotations

    If you would like help identifying opportunities, we can discuss potential projects over the phone or visit your site (free of charge).

    You can select suppliers of your choice to provide quotations. 

  • 3

    Submit your application

    To apply please email us:

    • Your completed Application Form
    • A quotation for the work / item (if under £25,000)
    • Utility bills relevant to your appplication (e.g. electricity bills for a lighting upgrade)

    We'll check your application and send you a link to sign it electronically and submit it to the Grant Panel.

    (For work / items over £25,000 you will need to undertake a tender process / obtain 3 quotations - please contact us).

  • 4

    Grant Panel review

    The Grant Panel typically provide their decision within 5 working days. If your application is approved, we will email you a Grant Offer Letter confirming the grant amount and how long the money is reserved for you.

  • 5

    Implement your project and claim your grant

    Once you have implemented and paid for your project, please email us:

    • The supplier's invoice
    • A business bank statement showing full payment to the supplier

    We'll ask you to complete and sign a Claim Form to confirm your bank details then pay you the grant by BACS within 30 days.

  • 6

    Quantify the savings!

    We will help you monitor the savings achieved through your project, for example by analysing 'before and after' energy consumption.