Totally Bespoke Joinery were in need of a new way to heat their factory and a grant of just over £3,000 from Low Carbon Workspaces soon paid for a wood burner and a briquette machine that now provide enough heating for their whole building.

The need for a new heater came about partly by accident and partly by design. With the investment of new machinery and the need to make alterations to the factory, a problem emerged, as Brian Wright, Managing Director at Totally Bespoke Joinery explains: “We had a gas-fired heater which was in the way of where we needed to place the new equipment. Partly for this reason, but also for the fact that we realised we could heat the factory in a more efficient way, we decided we would remove the gas heater and look into getting an industrial wood burner instead.”

As with any major change in the workplace, the cost of undertaking can be daunting, but when Brian heard about Low Carbon Workspaces he knew the team could help him keep his costs down. Low Carbon Workspaces is delivered by Ngage Solutions and provides grants of up to £5,000 to help businesses identify and implement energy saving measures at the workplace. It was a perfect match.

“Within four days of my application I had a grant of just over £3,000 approved,” says Brian. “All I had to do was provide some basic information and the Low Carbon Workspaces team took care of the rest.”

As well as a brand new industrial wood burner, Brian also purchased a briquette making machine, a combination that means Totally Bespoke Joinery now have their own recycling process providing their own heat. “We create a lot of wood waste and it was a challenge to recycle it all, with much of it previously going straight to landfill. Now with the briquette machine we are able to compress all the wood waste and make it safe for use on the wood burner. This then provides enough heat for the whole building. We have cut out the cost of gas from the old heater and the environmental benefits are great too, with less of a burden on landfill sites.

“It makes complete sense from both a financial and environmental standpoint, so I'm glad we made the changes.”

Ngage Solutions’ Head of Business Support Heather Dean was suitably impressed with Brian's efforts: “This is an excellent example of turning waste into something valuable and is a very creative way of using a Low Carbon Workspaces grant.”

Give the Low Carbon Workspaces team a call today on 01494 927131, or visit to see how you can save money and energy thanks to a grant of up to £5,000.

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