Entertainment supply company reduce energy costs by at least £3,200 a year

A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd., who provide cutting edge professional equipment solutions to the entertainment and architectural sectors, with a highly specialist knowledge of LED lighting systems, carried out an audit of their premises in High Wycombe and found that they could save money and energy by replacing their warehouse lighting system with an LED version. Shortly after this, Mark Tonks, their IT & Logistics Director, read about the Low Carbon Workspaces grant and knew it could help.

Mark submitted an application to the Low Carbon Workspaces team for funding to help redesign the lighting used in their warehouse. This meant incorporating new energy efficient LED fixtures, as well as a localised control system with in-built sensors that would cut energy waste by turning the lighting on and off automatically depending on the need of a particular area of the warehouse. It wasn’t long at all before the project was up and running. “The process was really quick,” said Mark. “The team was absolutely brilliant, giving me an answer within a week.”

Mark continued: “Our lighting bills have regularly been over £6,000 a year, but our new system is expected to reduce this by at least £3,200 a year, a result that we are delighted with. The grant has enabled us to replace our 400W fixtures that were operational from 6am to 8pm with 150W LED fixtures, some of which will now only come on where and when we need them. I estimate that we’ll save more than 20% a year on our overall energy use.”

The payback for the project is expected to be less than 2.5 years – a great result!

Find out what a Low Carbon Workspaces grant could do for your business. Use our Low Carbon Calculator to identify the savings your business could be making! Alternatively contact the team at info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk or call 01494 927131.

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