Businesses converged on The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead to learn about electric vehicles, heat pumps and available grant funding.

The most extreme environment in Hertfordshire was in fact a very welcoming place for businesses wanting to learn about the benefits of electric vehicles, heat pumps and grant funding available to support energy efficiency.

Businesses watched a series of presentations and took a tour of The Snow Centre, a centre that houses a 160 metre slope kept at a constant -2°C.

Details of the presentations that gave businesses serious food for thought are as follows:

  • Ian Brown, Managing Director at The Snow Centre, provided an insight into the running of the centre and the energy efficiency and environmental initiatives incorporated into the building, such as the sedum roof, building management system and LED lighting. The Snow Centre, which spends approximately £340,000 on energy a year, has reduced consumption by 300 kWh per day thanks to the LED lights, while £3,000 a year is saved by fewer bulb replacements. The Snow Centre focuses heavily on monitoring and controlling energy output, as even a small change can cost them thousands of pounds. A good message for businesses to take on board!

  • Katie Colledge-Price of Carpendale EV Consulting revealed the benefits of electric vehicles. She detailed the latest models available and how they compare for different types of journeys, as well as information on running costs, tax incentives and charging points.
  • Damian Nunn and Luke Chapman of Three Counties Refrigeration spoke about heat pumps, specifically how air, ground and water source heat pumps work and the types of business and premises they best suit, as well as costs, practicalities and potential savings.

In addition to the presentations, Dave Wilkinson, Technical Manager at The Snow Centre gave delegates a behind-the-scenes tour of the unique facility, revealing how 10 snow guns, two large chillers and 30,000 litres of anti-freeze keep the temperature a constant -2°C and ensure half a metre of snow covers the 160 metre slope!

If you would like to watch recordings of the presentations, head to the Low Carbon Workspaces Facebook page and work your way through the listed videos.

View the slides of the presentations given throughout the event >

The event was organised by Low Carbon Workspaces in partnership with The Green Triangle, the Hertfordshire Low Carbon Innovation Network, Buckinghamshire Business First, and the Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

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