Ecoed game app receives Social Impact Award

The award-winning Ecoed game app, which started life as a handmade board game, is all about finding ways of talking about how our daily choices and decisions can have a significant impact on reducing our environmental footprint.

The creators of the game – the team at Ecoed and their app developers at ojo solutions - were recently rewarded for their efforts by picking up the Social Impact Award at the Techies SW awards. The Social Impact Award seeks to reward “a product or service driven by technology that is making a difference to its users and the wider community”.

Maria Soledad Riestra – Ecoed Founder, said: “We are so excited here at Ecoed Life that our app, despite its early stage development, is already finding its way through to individuals, schools, communities and businesses as a useful and engaging tool to inspire people, organisations and educational institutions to significantly reduce their environmental footprint, and perform real actions towards living and operating more sustainably on a daily basis. This makes us immensely proud.”

The creators’ aim was to “create a space where we can approach the challenges that seem to threaten the long term continuation of life as we know it. And wanting to do this in a way that invites us not to look the other way in fear of what’s in front of us, or to drown in hopelessness and despair, but rather to open our minds and hearts to the possibility that:

  1. we can play a role and make a difference, even when it comes to small scale, daily actions one might assume are not worth it because they are ‘too small’

  2. we can use the information and data available to educate ourselves, to reflect and improve, to progress and evolve towards a way of being and conducting life that sustains our society and the environment as a whole.

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