A village hall has installed two new boilers and a modern thermostat thanks to a Low Carbon Workspaces grant, reducing energy waste and saving £600 a year.

Farnham Royal Village Hall, near Slough, is made up of two main spaces - the hall itself and a separate area occupied by a school. The two spaces not only shared the same boiler that was installed 30 years ago, they also shared the same heating control system. This meant that when the heating was turned on in the morning for the start of school, the empty hall was also heated unnecessarily.

Thanks to support from Low Carbon Workspaces, which delivered a £3,500 grant, the hall realised its plans to separate the heating system into two, replacing the old boiler with a new ‘A’ rated version that will reduce consumption by 15%, and installing another new smaller boiler in the school area. This ensures no wasted consumption when only one area is in use and will reduce overall consumption compared to the old set-up.

To top it all off, modern thermostatic controls that can be operated via an online app have been installed to increase the caretaker’s control over the heating levels in the building. This could reduce natural gas consumption by a further 5%.

Chris Owen of Farnham Royall Village Hall was delighted with the outcome of the grant. “The savings in gas consumption met our expectations, and in the six month period to 31st March 2018 we achieved a 23% reduction in kilowatt-hours (kWh) used compared to the same period in the previous year. This equates to a £600 saving, which we are very happy with.

“We found the grant process very straightforward and were greatly helped at each stage by the excellent Low Carbon Workspaces team.”

Lisa Gibson, Low Carbon Workspaces Project Officer, said of the project: “Installing new efficient boilers is a staple of the Low Carbon Workspaces grant programme, and a great way for businesses to reduce their energy consumption. What made this project stand out was that Farnham Royal Village Hall were frustrated by an antiquated heating system that saw them wasting energy and money every day, with a warm but empty hall symbolising this waste.

“This project also saw the hall benefit from advancing technologies such as apps that support energy efficiency. These technologies offer businesses great rewards if they choose to embrace them, as evidenced by the savings experienced here.”

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