Even more ways for businesses to improve their bottom line, save money, and save the environment! 

Low Carbon Workspaces has added a raft of new items to its list of technologies eligible for a grant with support now available to help businesses reduce waste, water and vehicle fuel costs; in addition to gas and electricity bills.

The types of additional projects now eligible for funding from Low Carbon Workspaces include: electric and plug-in hybrid electric fleet vehicles, water efficiency measures, waste reduction methods, renewable heat and electricity generating technology, and battery storage systems. 

Low Carbon Workspaces helps small to medium sized enterprises in the Black Country, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire identify opportunities to reduce consumption in energy and resources, and provides grant funding of up to £5,000 to help deliver or pay for the installation of resource efficiency solutions.

As well as the new measures, the grant can still help fund energy efficiency solutions such as insulation, LED lighting, double glazing, voltage optimisation technology, energy efficient boilers and workplace equipment (e.g. computers and printers). Making changes like these can have an immediate impact on a business’s energy spend.

Low Carbon Workspaces Programme Manager Alex Beckett explains: “Small and medium-sized enterprises now have even more ways to save money with a Low Carbon Workspaces grant. The additional support we can now offer will be welcomed by those looking to embrace emerging technologies like electric vehicles, and we look forward to hearing from businesses about their exciting projects that might benefit from funding.

“We know that upfront costs often stand in the way of businesses looking to become more resource efficient. We have a dedicated and experienced team who can help identify suitable projects either over the phone or in person. We also provide a free energy efficiency guide and action plan template for businesses. Our job is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for businesses to identify and implement energy and resource saving solutions.

“We welcome applications for a wide range of projects. The best thing for an organisation to do is to contact us to find out if their project is eligible for funding. As ever, the grants are proving a real hit, which means they won’t last very long. Under the last Low Carbon Workspaces programme 35% of organisations awarded a grant reduced their energy consumption by 10%, and a lot of energy efficiency measures have the added benefits of reducing maintenance and replacement costs, and making workspaces more comfortable for staff. I recommend that organisations contact us soon to make sure they don’t miss out on funding.”

The Low Carbon Workspaces team can be contacted on 01494 927131 and at info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk.

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