Property Solutions company receives £5,000 towards energy efficient gas boilers

Fasset, which provides businesses with property solutions, received a £5,000 Low Carbon Workspaces grant in order to install two small high efficiency gas boilers at their flagship site.The new boilers will be used in place of its main site boilers throughout the summer months. The project will not only result in significant annual cost savings, but will reduce Fasset’s carbon emissions by nearly 70 tonnes -  cutting the environmental impact of the business.

Ian Collins, lead maintenance engineer at Fasset, believes that the installation of the new boilers will see the business drastically reduce its gas and electricity bills. The annual savings will pay back the total cost of the project in under 2 and a half years. “The project has been a great success,” Ian said. “We have already seen a dramatic reduction in gas usage over the short period that the new water heaters have been in operation.”


Ian continued: “It’s been a straightforward and simple process, taking just 8 weeks from applying for the grant to receiving it. I’m really pleased that we were able to reduce the payback period of the project. I’d encourage any organisation investigating cutting energy use and costs to give the team at Low Carbon Workspaces a call!”

Find out what a Low Carbon Workspaces grant could do for your business. Use our Low Carbon Calculator to identify the savings your business could be making! Alternatively contact the team at or call 01494 927131.

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