Apex Circuit Design, a global leader in automotive destination design, has benefited from a £2,000 Low Carbon Workspaces grant to replace ageing and inefficient IT equipment.

As the first supplier to the motor sport industry to achieve accreditation in the FIA Institute’s Environmental Programme, Apex is continually looking for ways to reduce its operational carbon footprint.

As part of this initiative, Apex contacted the Low Carbon Workspaces project to find out how grant funding could help the business reduce energy consumption by replacing outdated and inefficient IT equipment.

Low Carbon Workspaces Project Officer Lisa Gibson worked with the team at Apex Circuit Design to identify potential savings and was able to award a grant of just over £2,000. This went towards the cost of replacing separate colour and non-colour printers with a single, multi-function model, thus reducing printer-related electricity consumption by 70%. They were also able to replace 2 ageing laptops with smaller, faster and more efficient models.

Design Director Dafydd Broom was delighted with the outcome: “As a business that works to demonstrate continued development towards environmental excellence, the Low Carbon Workspaces grant has helped us to continue on our sustainability journey. We are very happy with our equipment, which has reduced our electricity consumption significantly. Additionally, not only are our new laptops more energy efficient, but they will also enable employees to work from home, thus reducing our operational energy bills and commuting-related carbon emissions.”

Lisa Gibson explained: “Energy efficiency goes beyond the usual LED lighting and condensing boiler installations. Electricity consumption by office IT equipment can be 20% of the total bill. By using a Low Carbon Workspaces grant to purchase new IT equipment, Apex Circuit Design have been able to reduce their energy-related overheads, as well as have up-to-date technology.”

Contact the Low Carbon Workspaces team to find out if you are eligible for a grant. Call 01494 927150 or email info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk.

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