As the government begins pumping nearly £40m into improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles, Hertfordshire businesses have successfully integrated electric vehicles into their way of doing business and are starting to reap the benefits by reducing their running costs.

Regent Estates, a property business based in Berkhamsted, decided that their 2010 diesel Audi A4 was simply too damaging to both the environment and their balance sheet. Business owner Tom explained that “as a property business, travelling to properties is an essential part of our daily routine.” Logging around 10,000 business miles a year, they required the right vehicle for the job.

With their Low Carbon Workspaces grant of £5,000, they were able to ditch their pollution machine and upgrade to a Volkswagen e-Golf that has a range of 125 real-world miles. Saving a commendable 3.1 tonnes of CO₂e per year and slicing nearly £2,000 off their annual running costs, Regent Estates experienced the benefits of going green.

“I am loving the car and totally embrace and understand the whole electric car ownership benefits,” explained Tom, “I wouldn’t hesitate to persuade other buyers to take the same step.”

Eco Waste and Recycling, a waste disposal company from Baldock, also saw the benefit of going electric. As an environmentally conscious organisation, Managing Director Neil explained that “our mission is to explore every opportunity to reduce carbon emissions. We currently save nearly 2,000 tonnes of carbon per year, but more can always be done.”

The recent permeation of electric vehicles into the transport market provided the perfect opportunity for them to go the extra mile by replacing their diesel Chrysler Grand Voyager. With the help of a £5,000 grant from Low Carbon Workspaces, they purchased a Nisan ENV200 van with a 40 kWh battery.

“We cover around 11,000 business miles a year and the van provides 110 miles on a full battery which is perfect for our needs.”

Eco Waste are predicted to save over £1,000 per year in fuel costs, which can be used to grow the business further. Not only have they benefitted financially from their upgrade, but they have now been able to completely embody the principal of sustainable living upon which their business philosophy is built.

Regent Estates and Eco Waste & Recycling are profiting from their upgrades and have demonstrated that by working with Low Carbon Workspaces, contributing to the national effort of reducing carbon emissions is easier than ever.

Low Carbon Workspaces offer grants of up to £5,000 to SMEs in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire to subsidise the purchase of electric vehicles.

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