NRG Gym, in Watford town centre, has reduced its annual electricity bill by £2,000 by upgrading fluorescent lighting to LEDs.

They received a grant of just over £3,300 from the Low Carbon Workspaces programme to put towards the installation cost.

Open 24/7, the gym had already taken steps to minimise energy usage. Lighting in several areas is controlled by motion sensors, so that it automatically switches off when not needed. An evaporative cooler, which uses the properties of water to extract and dissipate heat, is used to maintain building temperature, rather than a more energy demanding chiller.

Upgrading lighting was the next sensible project, as Operations Manager Peter Symons explained: “We had T5 fluorescent lighting throughout the gym. It was the most efficient option a few years back, but has now been superseded by LEDs.”

LEDs typically use around half the energy of fluorescent lamps and last twice as long. They start instantly and aren’t prone to flickering or losing their light output over time.

Peter continued: “We compared proposals from a number of suppliers and picked an LED lamp we were confident would provide the light output and distribution we required. We’re delighted with the result.”

A total of 216 fluorescent tubes were replaced with 108 LED battens, with the gym deciding on a purpose built lamp rather than retrofitting LED tubes. Electricity usage has dropped by an average of 37 kWh per day, which will save £2,000 and 4.75 tonnes of CO2e a year.

NRG Gym received a grant of just over £3,300 to put towards the upgrade from the Low Carbon Workspaces programme.

Funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the scheme can offer small and medium sized enterprises between £1,000 and £5,000 to cover up to a third of the cost of projects to reduce energy, water usage or waste generation.

Peter said: “We found out about the grants through the Watford Business Improvement District. A member of the Low Carbon Workspaces team helped us put our application together, and once submitted, approval was received within a matter of days”.

To find out more about the Low Carbon Workspaces programme call  01494 927131 or email

NRG has gyms in Watford and Gravesend:

Installation undertaken by Meteorlite:

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