One business in Surrey has been feeling the heat in a positive way throughout winter – thanks to a Low Carbon Workspaces grant delivered by Ngage Solutions.

ABA Stronalva, one of the UK’s leading procurement companies, have a large office and warehouse near Heathrow Airport. As with many businesses, heating costs can take up more of their company budget than they’d like. As with many businesses, there were ways to improve the energy efficiency of their building to help save money and energy use.

In the case of ABA, an antiquated lighting system, lack of insulation and single-glazed windows combined to create an unsustainable environment – both financially and environmentally. What followed was a £5,000 grant from Low Carbon Workspaces, the funding scheme that helps businesses identify energy efficiency savings they could make and provides up to £5,000 to help implement the measures that will produce those savings.

Kevin Dargue of ABA Stronalva explains what the grant was spent on: “We installed ceiling cavity insulation in the office and replaced single-glazed windows with double-glazing. The impact? Well we’ve almost done away with the heating altogether! The fact we face the sun helps, but even when it’s below freezing outside it feels like a greenhouse inside – without the heating on!

“The bulk of the grant was for the replacement of the outdated and very large fluorescent light fittings in our warehouse,” Kevin continues. “We now have hi-level LED strip lighting in the warehouse as well as LED lighting in the office, kitchen and communal areas. I am in no doubt that we’ll save enormous amounts of money given that the old light fittings had a total running cost of 1.7 kw/h, while the new LED ones have a total running cost of just 0.3 kw/h.”

Ngage Solutions’ Head of Business Support Heather Dean was impressed with the extent of ABA’s dedication to cutting energy use: “This project utilises LED lighting, double glazing and insulation to help cut energy; a great multi-solution approach. Kevin and the team at ABA had already begun to address the energy that they used in the building when they found out about Low Carbon Workspaces. The grant funding enabled them to take the next steps, adding more insulation and LED lighting. They’ve done a great job taking several different approaches to attain the most cost-effective savings.”

Kevin had nothing but good things to say about the whole grant experience: “Receiving a Low Carbon Workspaces grant was definitely worthwhile as it really encouraged us to do more work than we otherwise would have done. The support from the grant team ensured it was a smooth process from beginning to end with each step clearly laid out.”

Give the Low Carbon Workspaces team a call today on 01494 927131, or visit to see how you can save money and energy thanks to a grant of up to £5,000.

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