A business has had its leaking, inefficient office roof fixed thanks to a £5,000 grant, meaning lower energy bills are on the horizon.

The business in question is Boshers Master Builders, while the grant came from the Low Carbon Workspaces scheme delivered by Ngage Solutions which helps businesses identify energy efficiency savings they could make and provides up to £5,000 to help implement the measures that will produce those savings.

A leaking roof was an easy problem to identify, and thanks to the grant it wasn’t too hard to fix either. The re-roofing included installing new insulation to the joinery workshop and timber mill roof, something that will result in better working conditions, lower operating costs and improved business performance.

Owner Tom Bosher is pleased with the benefits the work will bring: “The Low carbon Workspaces grant has been incredibly worthwhile for us. The new roofing is from modern, purpose-made materials that will improve the standard of insulation and enhance the business’s energy performance rating. In turn, this means a smaller carbon footprint and lower energy bills. This saving will help us secure the jobs of those who work here, something that is vital for us.”

The installation of the new roof was also suggested within an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) recommendation report Boshers received. While an EPC is no longer a requirement for a Low Carbon Workspaces grant, it remains a great way of identifying energy savings measures.

Ngage Solutions’ Head of Business Support Heather Dean was impressed with Boshers’ approach: “Tom and the team at Boshers have done a fantastic job in turning round the project quickly and with minimum disruption to the business. Installing the new insulation will have a significant impact on their heating costs.”

See how much money and energy you can save with a grant of up to £5,000 grant. Give the Low Carbon Workspaces team a call today on 01494 927131, or visit www.lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk.

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