Insulation was the key to reducing energy bills for Michael Sargent Properties - and the grant which helped pay for it has inspired the owner to install even more energy saving measures.

Michael Sargent rents out 15 units over a 13,500sq metre property, but his building was losing a great deal of heat through the roof, meaning higher bills than necessary. As Michael is responsible for heating several communal areas in the property and the tenants are responsible for their own bills, everybody was in agreement that insulation was the answer.

Step forward Low Carbon Workspaces, the grant scheme run by Ngage Solutions that helps businesses identify energy efficiency savings they could make and provides up to £5,000 to help implement the measures that will produce those savings. After a quick application process, Michael’s property was soon benefiting from a four-inch layer of insulation, as well as energy efficient metal sheet roofing and roof lighting.

Michael explains that although each unit in the building will benefit from the new insulation, the grant enabled extra insulation to be installed in a particularly bad unit. All of the tenants are happy with the new set-up and they and Michael fully expect their energy bills to drop significantly.

“Thanks to the Low Carbon Workspaces grant, I have identified further energy efficiency measures I can implement, such as LED lighting,” says Michael. “As the building is an old one I am constantly making improvements to it and it stands to reason that any future work will lead to further savings. Additionally, the fact that the property will be more appealing to new tenants is a bonus for me.”

The Low Carbon Workspaces team, who Michael describes as “helpful in every way”, were delighted to assist another business in reducing their energy output. “One of Mr Sargent’s tenants passed on his details after meeting the Low Carbon Workspaces team at an event,” says Ngage Solutions’ Head of Business Support Heather Dean. “The project is a large undertaking, with a significant investment from Mr Sargent. The Low Carbon Workspaces team are happy to have been able to offer support. The project will not only cut Mr Sargent’s bills and carbon emissions, but will also improve the efficiency of the spaces that his tenants rent.”

Give the Low Carbon Workspaces team a call today on 01494 927131, or visit to see how you can save money and energy thanks to a grant of up to £5,000.

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