B&B slashes lighting costs by 50% and heating costs by 20%

Margins in the tourist/B&B industry are tight and cutting energy use is a great way to boost profitability. The owner of the Swan House Bed & Breakfast, Brendan McDonagh, knew he could save both money and energy at his property – and will now reap the rewards of a Low Carbon Workspaces grant that will help him do so.

Brendan explains why running a B&B means he has to have a keener eye than most on energy costs. “Running a B&B incurs costs that wouldn’t usually be associated with a normal home, as we constantly need hot water on tap for use by our guests for instance. From a business perspective, we can’t let our guests to go without hot water. This means that we have to spend more money to keep our boiler running 24/7. That’s when I knew I had to get a more efficient boiler.”

A grant of over £1,500 followed from Low Carbon Workspaces, the grant scheme that identifies cost and energy savings measures that businesses can implement at their properties – and delivers a match-funded grant to help pay for them.


As well as a new boiler, Swan House benefited from LED lighting and loft insulation. “I estimate that we will save 50% in lighting costs and 20% in heating costs,” says Brendan. “It will also be much warmer and produce less of a draft, something that’s incalculable from a customer service point of view. “The work that the Low Carbon Workspaces grant has funded is all about future proofing the business and about being greener and more efficient.”

Find out what a Low Carbon Workspaces grant could do for your business. Use our Low Carbon Calculator to identify the savings your business could be making! Alternatively contact the team at info@lowcarbonworkspaces.co.uk or call 01494 927131.

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