Buckinghamshire business make a sustainable splash

Headquartered in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, WhiffAway Group provides waterless urinal technology that makes a major, measurable contribution to environmental sustainability while also improving the workplace experience and creating job opportunities.

Aside from the obvious water savings, the Whiffaway system uses less energy as there is no need to pump water in to flush urinals, offering an embedded energy and carbon saving. Moreover, on new builds, there is no need to plumb in cold feeds to urinals, leading to an estimated 30% saving on project costs and the environmental benefits to match.

Starting in 1992, the WhiffAway waterless urinal technology story is all about sustainability. Company founder, Valerie McLean, was seeking a project which would make a big difference. Her preliminary findings demonstrated that institutions and organisations were actively exploring gas and electricity as a means of reducing costs and being more sustainable. But it became increasingly evident that water was being overlooked because of the relatively low combined cost of “water in and sewerage out” at the time. This lack of focus was the start of her passion for water conservation and helping others help the environment.

The system is also non-hazardous, and all cleaning materials are environmentally friendly.

Their patented systems save money and overcome common problems such as urinal odours, blockages and flooding while making washrooms more hygienic and pleasant places to visit.

Valerie’s vision and determination have enabled hundreds of companies to save money, measurably improving their environmental sustainability credentials, saving an estimated 750,000,000 cubic metres of water and £1.9 billion for the industry. That is the equivalent of 300,000 Olympic-size swimming pools of drinking water, or 360 litres per second.

For more information on Whiffaway’s products and services, please visit their website.

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