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Green business tips to help make your company eco-friendly.

What's the greenest way to brew coffee?

The subject of coffee is a favourite at our team meetings. Everyone in the team makes their brew differently, and some ways have a greater impact than others.

Global coffee production is predicted to triple by 2050, putting pressure on producers to switch towards the most sustainable means of growing coffee. Look for shade-grown, fair trade beans.

Our choices make a difference; start by letting go of single-use plastic pods and considering non-dairy alternatives to milk. Boil your kettle frugally and if you choose a coffee maker, opt for a well-built, non-electric design, such as a French press paired with a thermos. The greenest way? Cold brew coffee using a reusable filter. 

How many is too many promotional pens?

An unnamed member of the Low Carbon team (self-admittedly) counted 24-promotional ‘free’ pens they have collected, but never used! This does not mean depriving yourself of goodies at the next event you attend but be choosey about what you grab. As a business, consider ‘greening’ your items, such as reusable bottles, refillable pens or tote-bags. Carbon offsetting these will get you a gold star!

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