Carbon Auditing: It's Not as Taxing as It Sounds

With energy costs rising, now is a great time to calculate your company’s carbon footprint. 

Our Climate Essentials premium carbon calculator is free to access, and you will be able to use the carbon management platform for a further year once you’ve completed your footprint assessment. 

With so much going on at the moment, it can be challenging to find the time to think about calculating your company’s carbon footprint. However, we know that with considerable energy cost rises, we must be efficient with energy consumption if we are to protect our profits. 

With the view to giving you a better understanding of how you can do this, we have considered the top four reasons why you might not yet have taken the leap… 

You think it’s too expensive 

Not having a carbon footprint is potentially costly in the long term. We agree, the costs of calculating a business’s carbon footprint can be high, and usually these costs are up front. It’s for this reason that we are providing free access to the Climate Essentials premium carbon calculator 

What’s more, once you’ve completed your footprint, you will be able to utilise the carbon management platform for a further year! And with more than 1 in 4 larger businesses already monitoring their footprints, can you afford to get left behind? 

You think it’s too hard for your business to calculate emissions 

Calculating total emissions isn’t as hard as you think, especially as our interactive calculator walks you through every step. ‘Footprinting’, whilst practical in nature, can look confusing from the outside. You may also recognise your business has a unique activity that seems impossible to capture.  

The good news is no matter what the quirk, there will be a simple calculation behind it. And remember, there is no time like now to get on board, as we have a team of experts who can help you navigate through any obstacles, at no cost. 

You think you just don’t have the time 

We know all our members throughout Buckinghamshire are working tirelessly. The idea of having to consider your footprint could understandably feel intimidating. 

However, it is quite possible to complete your entire footprint with just a few hours of input! 

Not only that, but once you get to this point, you will then have your baseline year (i.e. your line in the sand), and future years of calculation will be even faster.

You don’t really care what your emissions are and want to know what the REAL benefits of a low carbon footprint are

Carbon footprinting has already proved its worth as an aid to brand reputation, as well as a saviour to bottom lines at all levels of business. 

The recent energy crisis has seen an average increase of £10,000 in costs to small businesses from the previous financial year, so it pays dividends to put attention to this new must-have management tool. 

Afterall, if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it! 

Increasingly, UK small business owners (58%) have started 2022 looking to improve their sustainability credentials. Companies across the nation are now waking up to the benefits the impact of energy use can have on their costs.

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