Energy saving tips for your business

Including a new approach to conventional solar panel systems - these days you can even get them for your windows! See our top tips and tricks!

Whilst the business case for solar panels has never been stronger, the barrier that high upfront capital costs pose may be an obstacle that some businesses, especially micro businesses, simply cannot overcome. 

Businesses operating from home, or with insufficient roof space, may also be prevented from benefitting from solar panels by these high costs. 

Fortunately, the sun is a gift that keeps on giving, and there are alternatives that businesses can still benefit from. Instead of running costly energy-intensive metal halide, fluorescent or sodium lamps to light your outside spaces, why not replace them with solar lights at very little upfront cost?  

Similarly, by opting for solar blinds which are placed on windows instead of roofs, the traditional obstacles can be overcome. With all the benefits of traditional blinds, this new technology improves our chances of going greener by converting solar energy into usable electricity, cutting operational costs by up to 30%1.

Without any investment, businesses can reduce energy costs through behaviour change by making sure windows are shut tight and any draughts are plugged during the chilly winter season. Equally, during the summer, businesses can keep windows and doors open to avoid reliance on costly air-conditioning.

For more tips and tricks on how to reduce your business energy costs, get in touch with our team today!

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