Funding available for businesses offering ‘green spaces' to plant wildflowers

The Environmental and Climate Change Action Group from Buckinghamshire Council’s North West Chilterns Community Board, have made it a priority to encourage schemes and initiatives that have a sustainable and lasting effect on the North West Chilterns, improving the built or rural environment and promoting or reversing environmental damage or climate change.


As part of this, the organisation is seeking meadow locations, field verges, or green areas which may be too small to be classified as meadows, where a variety of wildflower species can be planted. Wildflowers increase plant and animal diversity whilst promoting cleaner air through their extraction of carbon dioxide and production of oxygen.

The group will provide 100% funding and undertake the flower planting themselves – all businesses need to do is offer their green spaces! For more information, or to volunteer a suitable location for wildflower planting, contact Jackie Binning on

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