The silver lining of a gloomy outlook

The Low Carbon Workspaces team can provide you with £5,000 to help with the upfront costs of a solar PV system.

In fact, over 50 local businesses have installed solar-supported systems through the LCW programme since 2020 alone, receiving a third off installation costs and seeing an average return on investment of just 3.5 years.

Even once you have installed your project, you can go further by taking advantage of the government’s super-deduction allowance, letting you write off the cost of the solar assets against taxable income.

Join the Solar Together scheme

If these aren’t big enough carrots to get you moving, we are also pleased to say that for a limited time, you can also take part in the Solar Together scheme. Simply put, this scheme allows for group-buying of solar panels at a much more competitive rate, as a collective.

Whilst the scheme isn’t open to all counties, it’s worth checking out our other articles on Solar Together. It’s an easy process and can cut your upfront costs considerably. 

Solar subsidies won't last forever - act soon!

Don’t forget that, beyond 2022, subsidised support for acquiring solar energy is not guaranteed. As energy rates continue to increase, less stimulus will be required to support solar power’s already phenomenal business case, so get in touch with the LCW team if you want to discuss how you can implement it in your business. 

One of our previous applicants described it best: ‘My only disappointment is that we didn’t install solar before now’.

With solar power’s lifespan of 25 years, and current business electricity costs being the highest on record, you can rest assured the future benefits of implementing solar power will be realised for you, many times over. 

Act now and benefit from the blue skies ahead.

Call 01494 927131 or email to speak to one of the team.

Get a grant of up to £5000

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