Time to change course in pursuit of lower energy bills

The true reality is that no one can sidestep the debilitating increases we continue to see against our energy bills. What’s more, the consensus is that rates will only continue to rise in the coming months. 


Longer-term, we must accept the current ‘climate’ as the new norm. This isn’t about weathering the storm; it’s about changing our course!

The smartest move is to improve the energy profile of our workspace. Yes, we know this overlooks the upfront costs associated with installing energy efficient technologies such as LEDs, solar or an efficient heating system. However, failure to act will only entrench your company in this plight. What’s more, a Low Carbon Workspaces grant can provide a third of that up-front funding to help you get there.

Those who invest in solar are seeing an average return on investment of just 5 years! With an average life expectancy of 25+ years, the business case for solar investment has never been so apparent.

 If solar isn’t the right path for you, there are dozens of other supported interventions which will result in large savings year-on-year. These aren’t nuanced savings, but real, measurable interventions, with real, measurable cost savings.

We are interested in hearing from businesses who are struggling with the cost of energy bills; we have a team of specialists who can provide you with advice, funding and signposting to the best support for you. To find out more get in touch with the team or apply now

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